About Jonathan Tarry

Jon Tarry creates art as a way of testing ideas about the prosaic, political and poetic, in the form of sculpture, drawing, film and sound. His work explores art and architectural conditions as a comparative investigation of spatial intelligence. The process of creating his works informs a new understanding of the medium and the subject he is examining. For Tarry, the act of generating his art is just as significant as the work itself.

Tarry has completed 42 public and numerous private art commissions in Australia, the USA, the Middle East and Europe. These works include ‘Clouds’, Perth City Link, ‘Naturescape’, Kings Park, ‘Sky Shard’, Canberra, ‘Marginale’, Venice, ‘Balancer’, Abu Dhabi. Solo shows in Australia, Los Angeles, London and Amman. Group exhibitions include; ‘Markers’, Artist and Poets the Venice Biennale of Art 2001. Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008 – 2010 – 2012.

Tarry is also widely published. These publications include an essay with Dr Ansted, a photo essay on Prix d Amour, Boomtown 2050 UWA Press 2009 and Twenty- Six Runways, Melbourne 2012 among many other publications.

Tarry recently completed a PhD Architecture RMIT. Tarry is currently an Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Visual Art, University of Western Australia Perth and was the Visiting Professor to The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Studio Dialogues:
Riet Eeckhout, (Spatial Drawing) London
Philip Richards (Art Architecture) London
Leah Curtis (Sound) Los Angeles

Fine Timber, Matt Dickmann.
Fine Metal, DenMac Industries.
Architectural, Ken Yueng, Dom Trimboli, Ben Juckes.
Engineering, Brian Nelson, Bill Smalley.
Photography; Robert Frith, Kirralea Birch. Vyonne Walker, Tobiaz Titz
Web, Kluge Interactive, Los Angeles
Organisation, Sue Whittaker

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